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Cultural heritage undermined by urban growth and the notion of ‘natural space’

Dooliebeal Reserve was re-named in a process that took over a decade to retain its Wadawurrung name. Dooliebeal holds significant cultural value to Wadawurrung culture and Creation. Dooliebeal also contains endangered remnant flora and fauna that are under threat by rapid growth in population and domestic pets. This paper highlights the sensitivity of cultural places and highlights developers’ notion of ‘green spaces’ and ‘open space’ which is somewhat misleading and underpins connection to cultural places with removal of existing landforms and waterways.

Access: The case of Dooliebeal and Wurdi Youang on Wadawurrung Country: Threats to, and spatial awareness of Aboriginal cultural heritage and landscapes within urban growth by Dr Heather Threadgold & Melinda Kennedy

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